Friday, October 21, 2011

The Green Maiden

So! The character above is still apart of Willow's universe. Before I changed the 'exterior' of the original tale the woman was already a character that Willow would meet on her journeys. She is a half human hybrid called a 'Glastiag'. Her origins are not really Indian, more Scottish or Welsh...but she one of my favorites in the story so I decided to keep her and just redraw her to fit into the location that she will be dwelling.

In her summary she is said to be very beautiful, always wearing a green cloak. Some call her the green maiden. She is half human and goat, almost like a satyr. She is said to protect herds of livestock; cattle, sheep, goats (of course) and children. BUT, she also has a dark side. In her legend she lures men to their doom, kills them and drinks their blood. In my story she has inherited all of these characteristics. As you will probably guess, shes more on her soft side this morning...but BEWARE! Her intentions our unclear and she is not to be trusted....

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kris.w said...

nice one!

sjj said...

Lovely, goddaughter! Love what you're creating!

Alexandre Augusto said...

Beautiful drawings here!

"TORI CAT" said...

I love the volume!!
Fantastic work!!
Maybe see you at CTNx?
If so, please drop by my booth!! :)
All the best,