Monday, September 22, 2008

Color- Jelly Woman

YAY!!! I finally finished Jellywoman! This one was really hard to do... I haven't colored like this for a looong time. It took about 5 hours to do (I was trying bring back my technique most of the time). But i'm glad its over and I'm very satisfied with the outcome.
I started outlining her in photoshop and then started to color her, but for some reason I just wasn't feeling it. After hours of struggling with it, I decided to color her in Painter (I have 9.5).
That seemed to work for me, so I finished her off in that program. The Brush I used was oil pastel (It does wonders!!! Exspecially for skin).
Now all I have to do is matte it and present it for class!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Alright, soooo this is a comic I'm thinking about doing. It involves a group of characters I drew in class last quarter. This is basically a sketch of what I might do for it. I can't wait to ink and color!


Another concept for my final for class. I really didn;t have much fun with this guy. By the time I drew him all my creative juice was drained. Anyways he's part scoprion, human, gorilla, kangaroo, goat and giraffe.

Jellywoman and Tigerman

This is one of my last projects for class. YAY! Then I'll be pretty much finished with school. I'm taking three classes and one of them happens to be comparitive anatomy. For the final I have to combine a human and whatever animal(s) I want to create one bizarre animal. Here are some of my designs for the project.
On the right is 'Tigerman'. Of course he's have tiger, also human and is a mixture of also bird, snake and zebra.
The one on the left 'jellywoman' is what I've chosen for the final. She's mixed with a jellyfish, squid, vulture, turtle and human.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Character Concept- Siamese Twins

Concepts for one of the other characters in the 'Freakshow' short. One of the tents holds the siamese twins. The first design I made of the is the inked version on the left. I made them originally in suits with huge dentures. When I was creating them I thought of 'old-english gentlemen'. For there animation, their suppose to be fighting over a pair of large rotting dentures that they both share. Ick...
For the class review they wanted me to clean them up a bit, which is shown on the right. We also decided to have one with a long beard and the other with a handle-bar mustache (just to tell them apart). In the final version of the twins they
have spandex pants with no shirt, but their faces remained the same.

Early Concept-Magicians Assistant

I did this concept work in spr 08. It was for a project that my 2D studio class was doing called 'Freakshow'. To pass we had to make a 3 minute short on a story that we choose from several pitches we had to present the first week. Freakshow was chosen and we were all assigned to do some sort of character design for each of the characters.
The story is basically about a young boy who wonders into an old carnival. While he's walking around he peeks in different tents that have these bizarre people that...well...are basically part of a freakshow.
The woman is a FAILED magicians assistant. The story was going to be based in the a victorian era (hince the long dress with frills). The style we were going for were curves and spirals. This concept didn't get to far, since it wouldn't been a hassel to animate the curls and dress...
Anyways what makes her fit apart of the story is that her failed boss at one point in time had a little accident with the saw...and instead of magically sawing her body in half, he literally cut her in two. In the animation I did of her, it shows her torso and lower body seperating and walking away in opposite directions. The walk cycle for that was fun.

Nymph of Air- Line Art

I just decided to draw this girl one day. I did it because I finally got the new version of painter and I wanted to try out coloring her in it. I like it, it turned out well. I payed close attention to the line work (since I dont bother with that much nowadays).