Thursday, September 18, 2008

Early Concept-Magicians Assistant

I did this concept work in spr 08. It was for a project that my 2D studio class was doing called 'Freakshow'. To pass we had to make a 3 minute short on a story that we choose from several pitches we had to present the first week. Freakshow was chosen and we were all assigned to do some sort of character design for each of the characters.
The story is basically about a young boy who wonders into an old carnival. While he's walking around he peeks in different tents that have these bizarre people that...well...are basically part of a freakshow.
The woman is a FAILED magicians assistant. The story was going to be based in the a victorian era (hince the long dress with frills). The style we were going for were curves and spirals. This concept didn't get to far, since it wouldn't been a hassel to animate the curls and dress...
Anyways what makes her fit apart of the story is that her failed boss at one point in time had a little accident with the saw...and instead of magically sawing her body in half, he literally cut her in two. In the animation I did of her, it shows her torso and lower body seperating and walking away in opposite directions. The walk cycle for that was fun.

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