Saturday, January 21, 2012

Melting Plant

Good Evening everyone!

I just finished this drawing and couldn't wait to post it up. Their flowers...that GLOW...and a candle. I had drew the rough doodle during work and really wanted to see some color! I have a few other roughs that I plan to color and post as well... but ALSO have soooo many crazy ideas swimming in my head at the moment. Hopefully I can prioritize and get the ball really rolling. Have a good night!

Remember the doggie paddle is TRUE skill,


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"TORI CAT" said...

Hey Alaia!!
Thanks for the comment on my blog!!
This is great!! I love the colours and your style of painting! :D
It was great to meet you at CTN!! Thanks so much fro dropping by and of course for purchasing Scribble-Tor. Your a great artist and i still love your piece "The Green Maiden". Beautiful!!
Keep up the hard work and if i dont see you sooner, hopefully i'll see you again at CTN in November this year! Until then, see you in the bloggin world!!
Thanks for the fantastic support!!
BIg hugs,