Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Help Adam Phillips

Good Morning, I've been a looooonnnnggg time follower of Adam Phillips and his flash animation episodes about his character 'Bitey'. Right now Adam and his team are having a difficult time completing a new online game thats based on 'Bitey' aka The Brackenwood series. Above is a vid explaining his dilemma AND how you can help. Please helps Adam out so he can complete his online game! AlSO by helping you can get awesome goodies from the Brackenwood series!!!!

Go to my link in 'Inspirations' and check out some of Adams Phillips Brackenwood vids. You can also access the 'Kickstart Bitey' page through his website to see what sort of awesome art, t-shirt, posters, etc you can get my helping to fund the project. But defiantly check out his beautiful videos. IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. He's extrememly talented.

Thanks all! And updates on my sketches and color art will be arriving soon!


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