Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stephanie Study

Soooo, this is huge study of Stephanie. I had posted these pictures up earlier but their res was huge so I deleted them. Anyways, this should be the right size for you to see them. Stephanie is actually based on a character I started drawing in 9th grade (long time ago). Back then, she was a bit more animeish and realistic.
During the years she evolved into a number of different styles that I was never satisfied with...
In the end she became apart of a series that I wanted to turn into a TV show or comic someday...I just could never get her final design down.
This design is still a work in progress on Stephanie. She's also a bit more insane then her first couple of versions...and a bit eccentric.
She's also apart of a totally different storyline then the one I wrote up years ago. I like her this way, but will probably still pursue the one I made when I was in high school.

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